Emergency Management


The mission of the Division of Emergency Management is to lead Orange County to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from disasters.  The Division's goals, in this mission, are to reduce the loss of life and property; minimize suffering and the disruption caused by disasters; prepare the County to address the consequences of terrorism; and serve as the County's portal for emergency management information and expertise.
In times of emergency or disaster, the Division of Emergency Management coordinates the response of county agencies ensuring the most appropriate resources are dispatched to the impacted area. We work with local governments, volunteer organizations and the private sector across Orange County to develop disaster preparedness plans and mitigation projects, and provide training and exercise activities. Our headquarters is located in Goshen, NY.

General FEMA  Information

The Division also coordinates disaster assistance for Orange County's cities, towns and villages and does emergency planning for and responds to hazards associated with the Indian Point Nuclear Energy Center and the transportation of hazardous substances.