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Community Health Outreach

About Us


The CHO Division provides outreach, information and referral to individuals who are at high risk of contracting chronic or communicable disease, or who require medical management for acute or chronic health problems. Click on the links for more detailed information.

Lead Poisoning Prevention
Works with the Environmental Health Division to identify and remediate lead hazards in homes and apartments. Provides case management for families with children identified as having lead poisoning.

Public Health Education
Offers training and educational materials to schools, businesses, other organizations and the public to promote better health and a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Neighborhoods
Door-to-door outreach to homes in high risk neighborhoods to identify and address potential lead poisoning and other health problems.

Community Health Worker Program
The Community Health Worker Program conducts education, referral and case management activities through targeted outreach and home visits in the Cities of Newburgh, Middletown and Port Jervis to provide information and services to individuals who might not otherwise contact a traditional health care provider.

Strategic Alliance for Health 
The Strategic Alliance for Health is a Health Department initiative to create healthier communities by working with community partners to collaboratively focus on health promotion and chronic disease prevention

Other CHO activities and services
Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus Prevention, Migrant Health ServicesTobacco Use Prevention, and other programs.

Robert Deitrich
Director, Community Health Outreach