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Orange County Historian

Role of the County Historian

The Orange County Historian is appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Legislature.

The County Historian is tasked with:

  • collecting and preserving material relating to the history of the county
  • examining the condition, classification and safety from fire of its departmental records
  • identifying material of local historic value which should be acquired for preservation
  • making an annual report to the State Historian, the County Executive and County Legislature each January of the work accomplished during the preceding year
  • supervising the activities of the local historians in cities, towns and villages within the county in performing historical work recommended by the State Historian
  • preparing and presenting to the County Executive and County Legislature a report of the important occurrences within the county for each calendar year
  • promoting the establishment and improvement of programs for the management and preservation of local government records with enduring value for historical or other research
  • encouraging the coordinated collection and preservation of nongovernmental historical records by libraries, historical societies and other repositories
  • carrying out and actively encouraging research in such records in order to add to the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the community’s history

The County Executive and County Legislature are empowered to appropriate, raise by tax and expend moneys for historical purposes, including historical edifices, the erection of historical markers and monuments, the collection of war mementoes, and either alone or with patriotic or historical organizations, the preparation and publication of local histories and records and the printing and issuing of other historical materials. The County Historian makes recommendations and implements the policy decisions of the County Executive and County Legislature in carrying out these tasks.

The County Historian also serves as the County’s Historic Preservation Officer, and maintains a record of all historic sites and structures within the county.