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 Industrial Development Agency (IDA)

  The Official Orange County Website for Economic Development

About Us

The mission of the Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is to promote economic development through a program of incentives - based allocations that assist in the construction, equipping and maintenance of specific types of projects and facilities. The IDA works to advance the health, prosperity and economic welfare of our County's citizens by retaining and creating jobs and attracting new business.

 The Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) has assisted numerous companies and not-for-profit organizations with new business and capital expansions. As a direct result of the assistance provided by the IDA, companies have become more competitive by locating or expanding their facilities within Orange County, New York.

Beginning with strategic planning and business plan development, to identifying resources to help companies grow to the next level or capitalize an investment in facilities, equipment or technology, the Orange County Partnership and the Orange County Industrial Development Agency are here to help. We partner with federal, state, regional and local agencies to make projects work.


Orange County Business Accelerator

The Orange County Business Accelerator is a partnership between Orange County Government and the Orange County Industrial Development Agency. This partnership is aimed at fostering prosperous new businesses in Orange County. The OCBA’s purpose is to help businesses extend their reach far beyond the borders of Orange County and simultaneously grow Orange into the most business-friendly environment in the Hudson Valley. Please visit the Orange County Business Accelerator Web Site at:


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