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Office for the Aging

Health, Education, & Advocacy

Keeping Orange County’s mature adult population informed about issues and events impacting their lives, encouraging healthy lifestyles and representing their interests and special needs to government are top priorities of the Office for the Aging. Information on the following services can be obtained by calling 615-3700.

Health Promotion Services

  • Athletic competition and non-competitive “fun” experiences.
  • Orange County Senior Games.
  • Community-based exercise and educational programs, such as resistance training and osteoporosis exercise program.
  • Nutrition counseling and education.
  • Medication management programs.

Education Services

  • Public presentations on a range of topics of interest to older persons, from accessing support services to health-related topics.
  • Resource for qualithy programming for senior centers, clubs and other groups.
  • Annual Senior Forum.
  • Media presentations.
  • The Silver Voice published monthly in The Niche News.

Advocacy Services

  • Reviewing and commenting on government legislation affecting older adults.
  • Grass-roots input from older County residents, through public hearings and other means.