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Youth Bureau


About Us

Determining the effectiveness of contracted service through monitoring and evaluation is the key responsibility of the Youth Bureau. The Integrated County Plan (ICP), which is a three year plan of service provision written by a Planning Committee including a variety of key stakeholders, in collaboration with not-for-profits, youth, schools, community and county agencies, identifies youth program assets and needs in the county, with strategies to address the area need. The Plan is then implemented through continued networking with these same groups. It is only with that Plan in place, that funds become available to Orange County from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.


We assess youth needs by convening community planning groups, identifying problems and strengths and developing coordinated strategies to address them. We promote private and public partnerships in planning, bringing together towns, villages, cities, social agencies and private citizens including youth. We are a partner with the local division system for youth, identified as Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS), and the comprehensive services for runaway and homeless youth. We support the local Balances and Restorative Justice collaboration, Aggression Replacement Training (ART) and Safe School Ambassadors.


We advocate for the adoption of strong legislation, regulations, policies and services that will promote healthy youth, families and communities in Orange County. .


The Orange County Youth Bureau administers NYS Office of Children and Family Services funding in the following categories:

  • Youth Development- Delinquency Prevention (YDDP)
  • Special Delinquency Prevention Program (SDPP)
  • Runaway Homeless Youth Act (RHYA)
  • * The Youth Bureau also administers County funds titled “Solutions”

All Programs operate annually on a January through December calendar. You may contact the Youth Bureau at (845) 615-3620 for a complete listing of funded programs.