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County Clerk

Veteran's Information

Orange County Veterans Discount Program

To show our gratitude to the veterans of Orange County for their service and sacrifice, County Executive Edward A. Diana, County Clerk Donna Benson, and Anthony Zippo, Director of the Orange County Veterans Service Agency are pleased to announce the new Orange County Veterans Discount Program. 

A wide variety of Orange County stores and businesses have signed up to offer discounts on their products and services to veterans who show the Orange County Veterans Discount Card. 

Veterans can get this card by bringing proof of their military service and their residency to the County Clerk’s office located on the 2nd floor of the Orange County Government Center Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. A Photo ID card will then be issued to the veteran along with an updated list of participating vendors where he can present the card for his discount.

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Veterans DD-214 Discharge Papers

(845) 291-3084

Veteran’s Discharge papers (DD-214) are found on file in the Photocopy Department at the County Clerk’s Office. Any Veteran living in Orange County can file their Discharge Papers with the County at no charge as a courtesy to the dedicated men and women who served in our armed forces. The County Clerk’s office will provide at any time certified copies of the filed veteran’s DD-214 also at no charge.

Very often veterans are required to submit DD-214 discharge papers when they apply for certain benefits. By filing your papers with the County Clerk, you are assured that a permanent record exists, at your disposal, if the original is misplaced, destroyed or needed by you or your family. Your DD-214 can be filed at anytime after separation from the armed forces.

If your DD-214 has been destroyed or lost and not on file at the County Clerk’s Service you can contact the Orange County Veterans Office at 291-2470 for assistance on how to obtain a copy.

Veterans Peddlers Permits

(845) 291-3062

Individuals who have been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces are eligible to apply for a Veterans Peddler’s License. This license provides veterans with the right to peddle, vend, and sell goods, wares or merchandise or solicit trade on the highways within Orange County. The permit does not supercede any restrictions, etc. placed by City, Town or Village Clerks. One should inquire with these offices about their rules and regulations.

To apply, you must present a valid drivers license or photo identification, a local utility bill (as proof of Orange County residency), one passport size photo (2" x2") and a copy of your DD-214 Military Discharge papers. A license is issued free of charge and is valid as long as the individual maintains residency within the county. Photos can be taken in our office free of charge also.