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Orange County Departments

Recording Documents

(845) 291-3062

All documents that affect real estate are recorded documents and require an Orange County Clerk's Office Recording Page (see Related Documents below), that is attached to and becomes the first page of the document. The upper portion only must be completed by the filer and must be typed or printed. Black ink only. Recording fees are $40.00 for recording your document, $5.00 for the Orange County Clerk's Recording Cover Page and $5.00 per page for any additional pages (each side is considered a page). There is an additional $.50 cross-reference fee for any document that affects an original recorded document. In addition to recording fees, a deed will require a NYS Real Property Transfer Report Form (RP-5217) $125.00 for qualifying residential or farm property and $250.00 for all other property and a NYS Real Estate Transfer Tax Form (TP-584) $5.00 . NYS Transfer Tax is $2.00 per every $500.00. NYS Mortgage Tax for Orange County is 1.05 percent. Contact the County Clerk’s Office for further information regarding taxes.

Effective on all satisfactions of mortgages submitted for recording after October 1, 2008 the fees will computed as follows:

  • NYS Educational/Cultural Funds $20.00
  • Recording fee $20.00
  • Fee per printed page $ 5.00
  • Reference fee for the first mortgage cited $ .50
  • Reference fee for each assignment listed in the mortgage chain $ .50
    • A satisfaction which discharges more than one mortgage, due to consolidation or correction, will be assessed a separate fee for each additional mortgage listed as follows:
  • Additional recording fee per mortgage $ 20.00
  • Additional fee per printed page per mortgage $ 5.00
  • Additional reference fee per mortgage $ .50
    • EXAMPLE: A two-page satisfaction of mortgage, which lists two mortgages, which were consolidated and never assigned, would be $81.00.

Whenever a paper or document presented to the County Clerk for filing or recording is not legible or otherwise suitable for copying or recording by the photocopying process, the County Clerk may require a legible or suitable copy along with such document. Fees specified shall be paid at the time of filing. All signatures should be in black ink.

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